Studio Art Portraiture

I love to create beauty and that is my vision in all aspects of my photography. Don’t leave your children’s milestones  to boring school photos; have their portrait taken when they lose their front teeth, as they enter the teen world or before they leave for university. Any excuse to have some gorgeous images to display in your home!

Capture their blooming personality, funny and serious traits by coming into the studio for a 45-minute session capturing them just as they are. Quirky smiles, thoughtful glances and adorable grins is what it’s all about.

Preserve this stage in your child’s life. These sessions are best suited for anyone who is over the age of 6 years. And why not have your portrait taken capturing your own moment in time?

The sessions take place in the studio and are classed as Nutshell Sessions, find out more on my Session Types or by emailing me at

If you are interested in having Corporate images taken, please get in touch.


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