School Portraits

School portrait sessions can be taken at any time of year and at any age. They are an amazing way to capture your child as they are at this stage in their life. We ask them what their loves are, their favourite foods, best friends and future careers. Something that they can look back and and love when they are older.

School portrait images are designed with a chalkboard background with your child’s details to the side of their image.

The session and to have the design put together is £10. Print packages are available and exclusive for School Portraits.

Print Package A   £21                      Print Package B   £32
(1) 5×7″ print                                             (1) 6×8″ print
(2) 4×6″ prints                                          (4) 4×6″ prints

 Print Package C  £43                         Print Package D  £45
(1) 10×8″ print                                           Digital Copy of Image
(2) 5×7″ prints                                           Includes image with and without text
(4) 6×4″ prints                                           Sent via DropBox to download