When is payment due for the session?
Payment for the session fee is due at the time of booking to reserve your session date. It can be paid by cash, direct bank transfer or card. The session fee is non-refundable (exceptions may apply). The session fee covers the cost of the photo session, a sneak peek on my blog shortly after your session of a few images, editing of the images in your gallery, an ordering session where we will go through all the products choose the right products for yourself and any gifts from your gallery. You will also get an online password protected gallery where friends and family can view your gallery and purchase any prints. All products and digital images are a separate purchase.

How long does a session take?
My newborn photo sessions can vary, it depends if your baby needs more than one feed or takes a little bit of time to settle. Generally newborn sessions last approximately 3 hours. If there are siblings involved it can take a bit longer. These sessions are very relaxed and not rushed to keep the baby calm and settled.

What happens after my session?
A few days after your session I will send you a sneak peak on my blog of a few images from the session. Approximately two weeks after that your gallery will be ready for you to come back to the studio for your ordering appointment. Where you will view all the images on a large screen, have an overview of all the products that are offered as well as go through what will best suit your needs, this is when you place your order.

Am I allowed to take my own photos during the session?
Out of respect for me, as a professional artist, I ask that you refrain from taking any pictures during our session. After all, you are hiring me to be the photographer and I need to have complete focus for myself and the subject I am photographing.

Can I share my images from the online gallery or your blog?
The password protected online gallery can be shared with your friends and family simply by providing them the information that I gave you to access the gallery. You may also share the link to my blog from your sneak peek. However, please do not download any images without my permission. It is also unlawful to use my images on your social media sites without my permission. I will gladly allow you to tag yourself and use the image(s) (complete with my logo and/or watermark) on your social media accounts. These images are not meant to be downloaded and printed and any alteration of the image is considered to be in violation of copyright laws.

 Do you offer a customer loyalty or referral program?
Yes! I love my repeat customers and their referrals. It is my goal to have you as a lifelong customer – I want to help you tell your story every step of the way. I have a Baby Plan that they can sign up to with great savings after their newborn session.
I also love to earn the trust of my clients friends through referrals. You will receive Referral Cards at your session, when a new client books with one of your referral cards you will receive a £25 credit!

If you have any other questions please do email me at contact@danistevensphotography.com