Pregnancy Bump Casting

Being pregnant is an amazing experience and time in your life that goes by very quickly and I feel that you should capture as much of that time as you can. Remembering how your bump was shaped is something that no image can capture, but we can make a mould of it!

I love to personalise newborn images, and what is more personable then your baby posed in your bump cast. Seeing how they fit so perfectly inside what was once your body shape is just amazing.

Add this amazing opportunity to your newborn photo session. The moulding takes approximately 45 minutes and a video can be recorded for your own records, just like the one above. We will do the moulding a minimum of 4 weeks before your due date. You are free to decorate your mould if you would like before the newborn session. We will then pose your newborn baby in the mould when your baby arrives. The moulding is an additional cost to the newborn photo session and is £45. If you would like to book your moulding please get in touch with me a minimum of two weeks before your moulding date.