Wouldn’t it be great if you could re-create your child’s dreams in an image? Children’s dreams and imaginations are so magical and have a special place in their heats forever.

As an artist and entrepreneur I am always looking for something new and exciting to do, something to spark my creative juices and grab people’s attention. I have seen creative compositions and manipulated art for many years, they caught my eye, but I never knew what what my angle was or could be till recently. I started to think about older children and what I would have loved as a kid, to see myself propped up on an elephant or being a superhero (mine would have been She-ra!). Children’s imaginations fascinate me and to create art that makes their eyes pop in amazement and fascination is magical. This is why I’m doing a limited time offer for this NEW service!


From choosing the stock images, background, the lighting and shadows, colour tones, plus having it all look ‘real’ together is something that takes time and skill.Β I am offering the service to create images likes these for your children. There is no age limit, if I have done a newborn session with you, it is likely I can do something similar to the images that can be seen on this page.Β Or if you’ve had a Bath Time session we can re-create the Out To Sea image using your child’s favourite underwater creatures.

Each creative dream art is priced individually based on the complexity of the dream. For a LIMITED TIME ONLY the fee to put together a Creative Art is HALF PRICE!

Please email me with your child’s dreams and ideas.




It must be true that all full blue moon babies are completely chilled out, smiley and sleepy. Theo was just that for his session….a little Elvis smile more than a full one, but it’s still so adorable! Patient as can be waiting for his sister to be in photos. Have to love when newborns are like this! πŸ™‚

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Gorgeous George was born on the full blue moon! I tried looking it up to see if it certain characteristics of his personality may be from being born on this day, but didn’t see anything. I’m sure an astronomy person out there will know. But if other babies born on a full blue moon are like George, their characterises are very chilled out, smiley and cute as anything. πŸ™‚

George powered through his mini newborn session and gave us some pretty amazing smiles at the end…I’m saving those pictures for mum & dad when they see the whole gallery. I expect tears as mum & dad have been waiting some time for this little guy to enter their lives, to be able to capture such a precious and cherished moment in their lives is so amazing.